Please submit your documents here.

Please submit only the documents requested by us. If you have already sent us your documents in the last year and your account has already been verified, you do not need to send the documents again.

Photo identification

Please provide a copy of your valid photo ID. We only accept valid identity cards (front and back side), driver's licenses (front and back side) or passports. The copies should not be cropped at the edges and none of the data should be obscured.

If you wish to upload a multiple-page PDF document, please use only the first upload field and do not add anything to the second one.

Proof of address

Please provide a copy of a recent utility bill (e. g. electricity, gas, water or internet), bank statement, payslip or a letter from the local authority. The document should not be older than 2 months. Alternatively, you can also send us a registration certificate that should not be older than 3 month. We cannot accept mobile phone bills and letters from private insurance companies.

Bank statement/bank card/credit card

Please provide a copy of a recent (not older than 6 months) bank statement or bank card (front and back side) to verify your bank account information. Your full name, IBAN and BIC need to be visible on the copy.

Should we require you to send a copy of your credit card you can also upload it (only front side) here. Please leave the first six and last four numbers uncovered.

Maximum size 10MB.

Your data will be encrypted.